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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 16, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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i'm here in support of the s.r.o. housing justice slate of courtney brown for seat four, christopher meika for seat one, and jordan davis for seat nine. i have so many great things to say about christopher and jordan. i really respect these individuals so much, and have seen them do so much work on the d.s. a. housing and homelessness committees. but i want to focus most of my time talking on courtney brown, who is a former co-worker of mine at the tenderloin housing clinic, and someone who helps connect me to the san francisco suicide prevention hotline that i now work on. courtney has soft-pedalled some of her accomplishments. she really, like, wrote the training manual that we use at the suicide prevention hotline. she was a tremendously
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important advocate for folks on the margins of society who are experiencing suicidal ideation. oftentimes these feelings are related to, you know, their housing and things that feel outside of people's control. i don't think that there is maybe anyone in the city who is better positioned to really hear and understand the really intense problems that people in the marginal society are experiencing. working with her at t.h.c., i saw her rise immediately to a position of great leadership in the organization, where she has been sort of looking after over 2,000 tenants as a supportive housing
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manager and deputy director of support housing. >> chairwoman: thank you very much. >> my name is clifford gilmore. i am here in support of who we affectionately called r.j. for district one. it is said you know a tree by the fruit it bears. and r.j. has been in our program for about four years. and he is really the foundational and pillar of our private organizing efforts. that effort, as mentioned, is working with private property owners and privately-run hotels. the structure is not there that is there in
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supportive housing. but as r.j. emphasizes, it is about building relationships with tenants and management to work together to solve issues together. and so he has this quiet leadership skill about him. he is not necessarily a vocal leader, but he is a very detailed person who wants to sit down and find solutions. and so his track record is proven for our program, and i think he would unquestionably be a great representative on a body that needs to understand that none of us get everything that we want, but sometimes we have to be willing to see the big picture and also work together and compromise. >> chairwoman: thank you so much. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. i just wanted to start out by saying thank you, again, so much. we have amazing, qualified applicants.
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and i guess wil there are two seats that we have to make a choice. i wanted to see if either of my colleagues wanted to say anything. i'm happy to hear -- >> again, once again, we are brought, of course, with a hard decision to make. i want to thank everyone for coming out today. this also is important work. seeing you here, i'm encouraged to see that so many people want to fight for our tenants and our s.r.o.s, and make sure there is collaborative work so they get the support and services they need. we appreciate each and every one of you. we have less seats available than we do than the folks nominated, but i want you to stand encouraged and continue to do the work because there are more seats and more task forces to serve on in the future.
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>> chairwoman: supervisor mar? >> i would just add my thanks to all of you, not just for your willingness to serve on the s.r.o. taskforce, but for awful the work that you do to protect and improve our s.r.o. housing stock, which is such an important part of our housing stock for low income residents here in the city. and i did want to say that maybe focused on one of the contested seats, where we have a difficult choice to make, on seat four. i very much appreciateed and was impressed by courtney brown's tremendous work at the enter loitenderloin housing clic and as an activist on these important issues. i would move that we recommend an appointment of dion roberts to seat number four for the s.r.o. taskforce because i think
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it is very important to have the important sort of perspective that she would bring to the table with the depth of her experience working with formerly homeless women with special needs, who are very low income, and many of whom are survivors of domestic violence. i think that's an incredibly important perspective that we want to have represented on the s.r.o. taskforce. >> chairwoman: yes, again. you have to understand the impossible situation that we're in up here because we get too many qualified people for the seats. and so what we're looking for is balancing out the different types of expertise and communities represented on one body, knowing that, you know, all these meetings are public, and the input of everyone is always appreciated, and that we
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like to rotate as much as possible representation on the taskforce. so i want to say i very much you know, deeply appreciate the work of court mcourtney brown, who is an amazing, amazing individual, but i would tend to agree with my colleague, supervisor mar, that having representation from the mary elizabeth inn, who hasn't had as strong of a voice on this commission is something new that we can gain. i think that's important. and that's not meant, in any way, to disrespect the slate or to disrespect ms. brown, who is extraordinary. i would tend to agree there. this one -- the other one is also very hard because here we have christopher meika and randall sloan, both residents of
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s.r.o.s, one who is my constituent, and i just so deeply respect both of your expertise. the work that you do to advocate for your communities is absolutely extraordinary. and i could not commend you enough. and i wish that i could put you both on this body. and, you know, i would just say that i'm going to put a motion forward to move forward randall sloan to the position. again, because of just the community who came out to speak today and spoke of the impacts that you're having, mr. sloan, on your community and your building. that really impacted me. which is not to say mr. meika, that you're impact is any less extraordinary. it's just, how do you resolve an impossible situation? i don't know.
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so, again, just like we said with the immigrant rights commission before us, where i could have appointed any member, i feel the same way here. so i would encourage you to apply to open seats in the future, and to continue to invest and be involved in this important body in our city. so with that, i just want to put forward the full motion and see if that works for my colleagues. so i will make a motion for the appointment of -- sorry, let me make sure i'm getting this right. where is my papers here? i want to get all of this right. so i would put forward randall sloan for seat
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one. surash patel for seat two. shanita gardner, seat three. and for seat three, with a residency waiver. dion roberts for seat four. juan alejandro gar garcia for seat five with a residency waiver. clifford gilmore for seat six. angela chu for seat seven, and raul fernandez for seat eight, and jordan davis for seat nine. is that okay? can i take that without objection? without objection, that motion passes. thank you so much to everyone. is there any other items on the agenda? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> chairwoman: that completes the agenda. then the meeting is adjourned. thank you so much.
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play an important role in making san francisco what it is today. - we provide residents and visitors with a wide array of services, such as improving city streets and parks, keeping communities safe, and driving buses and cable cars. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in
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just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all >> this is a reminder to silence all electronic devices. fire commission regular meeting, wednesday, april 10th, 2019, and the time is 9:03. item one, roll call. [roll call]
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>> item two, union public comment. members of the public may address the public for up to three minutes for matters that don't appear on the agenda. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole, and not to individual commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with the speaker. the lack of a response by the commissions or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> thank you, madam secretary. at this time, is there anyone who wishes to give general public comment? please approach the podium at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary.
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>> item three, approval of the minutes. discussion and possible action to ap pr approve the meeting minutes of march 22nd, 2019. >> at this particular point, approval of the minutes, is there any public comment on the minutes? if not, public comment is closed. any questions, discussions from the commissions at this point? >> so move those, mr. president. >> we have a motion, commissions, on this motion of acceptance of the approval of the minutes. i need a second, please. >> second. >> seconded. motion by commissioner hardiman, and the second. at this point, all in favor say yea. >> yea. >> anybody disapprove? none. >> item four, san francisco fire reserve to present plaque in appreciation of chief of department, joanne hayes
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white. and commander phil buckley to present plaque and honor of the chief's service to the s.f.f.d.. >> thank you very much. at this pime, we hav timing, wee the privilege and the honor of have commander phil buckley and the members in our presence. i know, commander buckley, you have served the department really well and strongly. i believe it has been a 20-year relationship that you have had with this department in your fire reserve. >> thank you, president coshio and vice president covington. i would like to thank you for letting me come here before you today. we would like to take this time to honor chief hayes white for her commitment to the fire reserves over her years. starting as chief in training, and up through
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her years as chief of the departmentment her department. her commitment to the reserve program has been in valuable to our program. it has let us grow to where we are today. as you can see behind us, the numbers that we have. she has helped us out with getting all our training, equipment, all of the shirts you see on us -- i got a little bit of money that i was able to purchase shirts with, but it wasn't quite enough, and the chief said she matched it, and we were able to buy 50 long-sleeve dress shirts and ties for our recruits over the years. anything we've asked for, she has always been a champion for us. so we really appreciate it. all of the current and former reserves really appreciate what you've done for us over the years. with that, i'd like to present this plaque to you with are deepest gratitud
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gratitude. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. president nacoshio, i would like to ask call of the reserves, active, former, and current employees to please stand. and if it's okay with you, i'd like to take a picture. >> of course, chief hayes white, by all means.
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>> let's get everybody from the reserves situated here. commissioner varinisi, in his capacity, is also a photographer, and so he'll make sure that in the grasp above his camera. and make sure we can see all of those beaming faces. and some of you in the back there, that we can't see -- commissioner varinisi, is everyone in focus here? >> yes. >> okay. okay, are we all good with this at this point? thank you, chief hayes-white. >> wonderful. >> thank you.
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[applause] >> commander buckley, could you come up and let us know how many members you have in the reserves at this time. i know there are some alumni members as well. so a little update in terms of your reserves numbers. >> so we just currently are in the process of sending 32 members to an academy, that we just hired back in march. so they're in their sixth week coming up. >> okay. >> and through the recognition through chief hayes-white, the hiring process has been -- each time we put out an application process, we're getting more and more candidates applying. when i first came in, i think there was properly
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15 oprobably15 of us that appli. the pool that w we pooled this group from, there was over 100 applicants. that shows you how well the program is recognized around san francisco, and how valuable it is to these young men and women who want to further their career in the fire department. >> okay. commander buckley, in your 20 years of service as well, just from what folks cathat folkscan apply all year-? >> we usually take application through an attrition process. like i said, we have so many people applying, the first time -- like four classes ago or five classes ago, we had over 200 people apply, and that
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was for maybe 20 positions. and i said, you know what, we can't do this. we can't just hire 20 people out of 200. so we hired 35. and the next time, i said, let's wait until we get down to where we need about 30 people because -- you know, to make the odds a little better if you're applying to get in. so i usually wait until we get down to about 20 active reservists, and then i'll put out an application process, and then we'll take 30 on. usually every two years, through people moving on to different departments here, other cities, so...and then we have a 20-week training program. we train at fulsom and treasure island. >> and that training session is every thursday? >> every thursday from 7:00 to 9:00. >> in terms of just the general public, what kind
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of duties and tasks do the fire reserves provide for the department? >> we respond to greater alarm fires, and we do secondary operations, outside operations. so we help with the cleanup of hose. we help set up rehab stations, refill scott bottles, anything on the outside of the perimeter of the fires, we'll help out with. we've done everything from refuel trucks to do simple overhaul on the outside. we've manned lines on larger fires when they go defensive. anything to free up the suppression personnel to do other tasks. >> okay. thank you for that description. chief hayes-white, did you want to chime in with anything else about the fire reserves and their contribution to our department? >> yes, thank you, president. thank you to commander phil buckley and all of the reserves that are here. i would like to acknowledge one of the former commanders of the fire reserves, firefighter
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sean mooney. sean, if you would please stand. [applause] >> and lieutenant hashim anderson, who i believe was a reserve as well? is that correct? >> yes. [applause] >> and is there anyone else that is currently an active member that was a former reserve here? no? okay. yes, george? george clingcom is here. i know the fire reserves add huge value to the san francisco fire department. i was very proud to become more familiar with them when i was the director of training from 2000 to 2004, and i worked clovely with sean mooney at the time and phil buckley. you are very dedicated, respectful individuals who are really interested in providing support to the san francisco firefighters and paramedics when they run large-scale calls, in
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particular, it is always nice to find the yellow jackets on the ground, willing to do pretty much whatever we ask of them. they play a really huge role. at the geary-parker instrument, there were many there. how long have you been commander? >> since 2012. >> 2012. so for the last seven, eight years, he has done a wonderful job in growing the reserves. it is quite a responsibility. many of the reserves are those that want to get into the department. but some are also people that have full-time jobs elsewhere, but really are dedicated and come out every thursday night and train and learn the ways of the san francisco fire department. so i'm proud to be associated with them. loved working with them as the director of training, and very proud of each and everyone of them as chief the department. i also see a former fire
4:28 am
reserve in the back, luisa, thanks for coming out. i just wanted to say that all of uw collectively owe a huge debt of gratitude, i know they're acknowledging me today, and i appreciate it, but back at you. you've done an amazing job. >> thank you, chief, for all of the acknowledgement. luisa, are those silk flowers for myself or for chief hayes-white. it is great that you came to present that. i think at this particular point, we should be able to do this. thank you very much, commander buckley, and all of the reserves, for the recognition of chief hayes-white. perhaps some of the other commissioners want to respond. very often when you go on the scene, and you see the members of the department, you know who they are because of their helmets and uniforms, and the turnout coats.
4:29 am
and they're doing some fantastic support work for the department. i'm a bias individual. i just like looking at individuals who look sharp in floor uniform tops. as a member of a non-profit, our community organization and the senior center, many of these reserves come out and volunteer in the community, not just for my community, but for all of communities. and when you wear your blue shirts out there, or your t-shirts, it is a great representation of the department as well. thank you very much for that. commissioner varinissi, yoinisi, youhave a comment? >> thank you, mr. president. i just want to echo the comments of president nacoshio. i do, come out to some of the fires, and i see the yellow jackets out there all of the time. and we see the blue shirts volunteering at various events, graduations, whatever it is, and i really appreciate the
4:30 am
efforts. i, for one, would like to see this program more institutionalized within the fire department, but we can talk about that at another time. commander buckley, can you tell us a little about how and why it is so important that -- what it is that is unique about san francisco and the training that these reserves get that they wouldn't otherwise get in a different reserve program? >> yes. sure, commissioner. as you know, san francisco has very unique pieces of equipment, unlike any other departments. our hose are larger, our ladder are wooden, that the other departments don't have. we use a lot of brass fittings. the one thing i can -- the gleason is one thing i don't think eight departmenany otherdepartment ha. it a gleason valve and it weighs 95 pounds. to be able to maneuver that on to a hydrant takes
4:31 am
a lot of practice. that is one of the things we train our recruits on, is through their training process, they'll get their hands on the gleason valves, they'll raise ladders, they'll pull hose, they'll connect hoses together. we show them all of the different equipment that the san francisco fire department has. once they graduate -- you guys, this might surprise you, but they go on a boat ride, and you're going to go down to the airport and look at all of the equipment down at the airport, and be familiar with all of the airport equipment. the boat ride is not something for fun. it is so they learn -- in a large scale disaster, the fire boat can become a very important piece of equipment. and they have to be able to know how to use the equipment on the boat, how to hook up to the boat, and to support the five-inch water supply system. that's basically what we'll be responsible for in a disasterous
4:32 am
situation, is the portable water supply system. we'll familiarize them with that. that is another piece of equipment that no other department has, that i'm currently aware of. so this training trains them specifically for san francisco and is being done that way because once they graduate, they will be working with san francisco fire department on greater alarms and other events. so that's why we train. we teach them so much about the san francisco equipment. >> thank you, commander, and i just want to echo congratulations to the chief. i know this program wouldn't be where it is if it weren't for your efforts and support of the programs. thank you. >> thank you, chief, for being so forward-thinking in supporting this effort. >> thank you very much, commissioner varinisi. commissioner hardiman. >> thank you, president. congratulations, chief, on your award. it is nice of commander
4:33 am
buckley, for you to bring your troops down here. it is nice they were scanned when the photo was taken, so the public that was watching could see the group together. and, you know, all of the battles of life, the first thing is you've got to show up. and it's nice to see a room full of people that are dedicated and have goals and aspirations to work with the fire department. and your dedication over the years and that great smile you have and your good attitude, i appreciate it, and thank you personally, and thanks for all of the reserves for coming in this morning. >> thank you very much, commission hardiman. vice president covington? >> thank you, mr. president. >> thank you for being here, commander buckley, and honoring our chief of the department. i want to thank all of the members of the reserves. i have seen you guys out there, and sometimes i see
4:34 am
somebody on a street corner, and they say, oh, how you doing, commissioner? and i think, i know this person. and then it occurs to me, yes, they volunteered. volunteered over here and volunteered over there. and sang karaoke at the cherry blossom festival last year. so you guys are always out and about, so thank you for being here. commander buckley, could you introduce your second in command. >> certainly. my deputy commander is ray carbonall. and my deputy commander veronica pena. >> okay, great. thank you very much. [applause] >> and i remember -- i know your deputy commissioner pena from her presentations to various
4:35 am
classes at city college. you know, being part of a panel and talking about, you know, the reserves and hopes of being in the fire department. so it's really quite a treasure to have such a group. and it's also, you know, very beneficial to have someone who has been chief of the department for a very long time and understands the needs, so that you've been able to have some consistency over these 15 years. so keep up the good work. >> thank you, vice president covington. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, vice president covington. again, thank you very much. congratulations chief hayes-white in this honor. since the chief has been the chief of the department for the last 15 years, as she remarked, the elevation of the fire reserves has been primarily very much focused within her selection and process. we talked a lot about
4:36 am
qualifications and secondary qualification has been a very instrumental piece of that as well. just as a part of the history of the san francisco fire department, 150 years plus, we all know, or should know, it was a volunteer group of san franciscans that started the san francisco fire department. and just for a point of consideration and public information, these fire reserves -- nobody gets paid, right, chief? >> no, nobody. it is all volunteers. >> it is all volunteers. and i think that is really, really important for san franciscans to also recognize that all of these fire reserves are volunteers as well. thank you for your dedication, all. thank you very much, chief buckley. >> thank you, president nacoshio. madam secretary? excuse me, we'll take public comment on this presentation of the fire reserves to chief hayes-white. any public comment at this particular point?
4:37 am
and also, thank you for bringing the flowers, adding to this beautiful presentation. no public comment. public comment is closed. >> item five, presentation from the division of real estate on the development opportunity on station 13. john updike, senior project manager to provide a briefing on development opportunity for station 13. >> welcome, mr. updike. again, if any of the reserves want to be able to leave the commission meeting at this particular point, you're welcome to do that. if you want to stay, that's fine as well. just to let you know that you have that prerogative. we're very privileged this morning to have the senior project manager from development real estate division. welcome, mr. updike.
4:38 am
at your convenience, and at your leisure, your presentation? >> thank you, chair, members of the commission, john updike, senior project management with real estate, and now back part-time on a few projects that are near and dear to my heart, and most certainly this fire station project is one of those projects. so i believe you all have the presentation now in front of you. let me roll through that. and then there is plenty of time for questions and input in this. so a little bit of reminder background. >> mr. updike, is this going to be on the screen, this presentation? >> i'm happy to -- >> only for the sake of the public and the members in the audience, to be able to see your presentation and follow it along. i appreciate that.
4:39 am
>> super. thank you. >> are we going to the laptop? >> i'll move over here. it's a little easier. so this program was really borne out of the public lands housing program from mayor lee. which really started in 2015, and rolled through 2017 before we landed specifically on the opportunity of this site at 53 530 sampson. the public lands housing was approved back in june of '15, and ratified by
4:40 am
the voters in november of '15, and we saw every opportunity that the city had of city-owned properties, where could we leverage property? sometimes it was just vacant and ready tor development. and the bear's office of housing worked with other city departments to leverage these goals, and 530 sampson being identified as one of the opportunity sites. then the board of supervisors in 2017 passed a resolution that urged staff to move forward with an opportunity here that could utilize what was termed at that time the air rights or the undeveloped space above the three story station for housing opportunities. staff, planning, others then looked at specifically the opportunities above this site, what would be complications and challenges? and in 2018, returned to the board of supervisors, wherein the board said, move forward with a solicitation of proposals. let's see what the market
4:41 am
indicates is possible for the site. certainly the key is to replace the station and improve that station. and while doing so, let's tie this project with another site very close by in chinatown, at 772 pacific, which just a few years pryin prior to that the city acquired, and that's the new asia restaurant site, for affordable housing, but lacks funds to move forward at this point. so we saw an opportunity to move forward with a market-rate housing development here at 530 sampson, affect, through a developer proposal, affect a replacement of the statement, and then use proceeds from the sale and the inclusionery package. a creative package that supervisor peskin and
4:42 am
others chothers championed in 2. that brings us to today. working collaboratively with chief hayes-white, here staff, and i want to thank you assistant deputy chief rivera, and incoming chief nicholson for their help since i returned in october. and we put together what were the requirements from the fire department, what did the fire department need to get out of any potential development here? and also working with the planning department, what are the potentials for housing? so the prospectus was issued in january. and bids were due march 1. we received four proposals on march 1. we convened a team of city experts, including many from the fire department, to assist us in reviewing those proposals. and today we have a recommendation for you. so of the proposals received, of those four, shown here in rank order,
4:43 am
related california, pres presidio bay ventures, and they all made competitive proposals for the city to consider. the first ranked bidder was far and away by more than 20%. financially, the best opportunity for the city. from a city development perspective, and the opportunity within the block, the related proposal was also far and away because of the creative approach they used to combine two projects into one project. and so we'll explain that in a little more detail in a second. so today i'm here to seek your input, concerns you might have before this moves forward to the next steps. i would like to just review those next steps first, and then we'll return to this, and i've got some slides that also depict the development proposal, very generically at this point, but at least to give you a sense of what is proposed.
4:44 am
with commissioner input today, we will then move forward to actually negotiate the contract with the developer team. and we'll continue refining the design. it is very conceptionual at this point, but we're making sure that all of the fire department needs are taken care of and there is no fiscal impact to the fire department or to the general fund from this proposal. and that, indeed, you get an enhanced station out of this proposal. and then with that, we move forward to the board of supervisors for a conditional exchange agreement approval. what that means is, it is an agreement to agree. here are the terms and conditions of this proposal of this agreement between city and developer. now developer, go forward with the entitlement process, however long that may take. we anticipate perhaps two years. and then it returns after sequal approval is
4:45 am
obtained, and the process doesn't substantially modify conceptionually the proposal, and then we can go back to the supervisor, seek ratification of that agreement, and then commence construction after. >> peggy: ing. permitting. a sense of that schedule is shown here. the earlier we could look at occupancy of a new station will be late 2023. throughout that process, the fire department will be joined at the hip with me, and a team of experts and d.p.w. to make sure this project meets your needs and requirements. so let me talk about briefly what this related proposal entails. the property, of course, the station itself, is on the corner of sampson and washington. you may have been aware that there was a proposal made about a year ago or so that is in entitlement process now for a 20-story limited service hotel immediately adjacent,
4:46 am
mid-block site, to the fire station. what the related proposal entails is they have secured an option to acquire that adjoining site. we would relocate the fire station to a mid-block location. entering on to washington street, with fairly direct access then to both sampson and battery. we'll look at some traffic circulation issues to ensure we have fast, if not better, response time than currently off of sampson. and we'll have emerging street alley access. so two points of ingress and egress. and we'll have the parking at level 18 spaces, which was a requirement of the fire department when be began. and then the development of a mixed-use development at the corner of sampson and washington. it would entail almost 270,000 square feet of a fitness club, a hotel, and
4:47 am
condominiums in that stacked order, up to the 20 stories allowed pursuant to the zoning on the site. this would yield nearly $10 million in inclusio inclusionery fee project at 772 pacific. it makes a major mark towards closing that fiscal mark, and allowing us to commence that project, soon after we commence the project of this new fire station and hotel proposal. so complicated, but pretty in genesius iingenius that theye the parcel larger, a little elbow room, if you will, to build a resilient fire station and far more functional than the current station. i think that really is what comes out of is for the fire department. we have a designed station from the 1960s. probably in 1960 it was a
4:48 am
great design. today there are some separations and some ventlationventilations aren't something we would seek in today's design. seismicly it is okay, but we'll have a much more robust, much more functional station for the fire department out of this. and adjoining, a pretty exciting development on the block, which i think most folks who have talked about this proposal are pretty excited about. i'm happy to entertain any questions you might have about the project and the process. i believe we have a representative -- there are so many people in the room -- there we go -- from the related company as well, if you would like to talk to the developer directly. thanks so much for your time on this. >> thank you very much, mr. updike. before we move on with questions and comments from the commission, i'm going to call for public comment on this item. if there is any member of
4:49 am
the public who wishes to comment on this item five, presentation of real estate on the development opportunities at 530 sampson street, as we know station 13, please approach the podium at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners will entertain your questions and comments at this point. vice president covington? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for your presentation. i wonder, do you have any visual material to share with us regarding what the site might look like? >> what we have is what i call a massing diagram. we're very early in design. but this will give you a sense of the layout on the block. bear with me a second.
4:50 am
here is a look at the verticality of the site, the fire station and the parking supporting the fire station shown in red, towards the lower levels in in the mid-block, and to the left, the tower facility. lower levels being lobby area, and then the health fitness club. one layer of the club stretching across and above the fire station site. all of the elements of the construction within the station itself, below the station and the entire deck below for all of parking, and that one level above the station are all to category 4 seismic standard, 1.5 times our requirement. that is at the highest level of seismic resiliency. >> do you have this as a
4:51 am
handout? >> unfortunately, literally, i got it last night, just before midnight, so we were only able to load it here, but i will certainly make sure we get that to you later today. >> okay. there is no rush, as long as we get it in a timely manner. >> then above the club, we have the hotel and then the residential levels above that. in the site pursuant to the zoning. this might be a little easier to understand. this would look, on the left side of the diagram, you see the corner of sampson and washington, where the station is today. you see in red, the new fire station at its mid-block location, with the bays facing washington. we will remove the angled parking currently on washington street. it is opposite the federal building. there is no parking across that street, and it is an
4:52 am
extraordinarextraordinarily wide street. and we're concerned about access in and out of the station. continuing...this is a different look, turning, looking up towards the transamerica building on the left side, up two blocks, and there you see the mid-block fire station site with the corner location. and we've also carved out an area of the rooftop access pursuant to the requests from the fire department so that training, which is a vital part of that station operation, will continue. so they'll have direct access for ladder training up to the rooftop. and so we've actually combined that with the amenity of rooftop space that will be something for hotel and club members to also enjoy.
4:53 am
this is just really at a programatic level, but i wanted to indicate to you, in the middle of the pic is really the -- here, showing the fire station's first floor design and incorporating all of the important elements that need to be on that first floor, and not on any levels near the living quarters. we've got the public lobby entrance that is necessary, the public restroom that is necessary on the first level. room for the fueling station. and, of course, for the apparatus as well. i know that was a quick run-through, and i hope that was helpful. >> yes, that does help me visualize the space more. i just wanted to ask you, what kind of input did you seek from members of the department, and especially the members of station 13
4:54 am
regarding your plan? >> certainly early on we dealt with command staff throughout the process, really from 2017 moving forward. more indepth as we got to specific specifications that were placed in a data room available for all possible respondents to our offering, from the period of january through march, when bids were due. so we had a team from the chief's office helping us on that. during the walk-throughs that we had with prospective developers and our staff, we learned a lot from the staff members at the station, as to their concerns, their issues, what did they want to see. it was really very helpful to take these development teams through and have them listen -- and us -- directly from the members what was their experience on the site and what they felt could be enhanced. and so i think we saw in the proposals that developers took that to
4:55 am
heart and responded accordingly. >> in your conversations with members of the department, were any concerns expressed about the level of disruption that would ensue as a result of everyone from 13 having to find quarters elsewhere? >> although there weren't direct comments about that, i can only imagine, as is the case with any of our station remodels under the eser bond programs, it is disruptive to have to spring to other stations and thing spring back. we know it is a tremendous inconvenience, and really appreciate the chief's team for coming up with some plans to accommodate that, and to ensure that the response times to the neighborhood were maintained, and members were able to do their jobs the way they need to do them from other locations
4:56 am
during construction. so no question there is disruption, but i did not hear that as a paramount concern at this point. >> well, i know that the paramount concern would be maintaining safety levels for the citizens of the county of san francisco. but at the same time, you know, one of the things that separates the fire department from any other department is that people live together. so you're actually asking them to move not just camp, but home. and i'm surprised to hear that people didn't express that to you. maybe they were being very polite. so, you know, i'm hoping that as the senior project manager, you'll be able to also give some input as to how to smooth that transition for the members
4:57 am
of the department, and especially for 13. i think that, you know, this is one of the opportunities that we have as a city to create more housing. it is very, very important. you know, mayor lee -- god love him -- i had mentioned to him a number of times that i don't think there should be any new fire stations without housing above for beginning firefighters and teachers. and i still would like to see that down the line. i know this time around we're doing the hotel and other things. so the rooftop access for the ladder training, is that the roof of the station or is that the roof of the hotel? >> so there is four levels of the new station. so the site in the after
4:58 am
condition is slightly smaller. so the current station is three levels and one below ground level. in the after condition, it will be four levels, and one below ground level. the fifth level is a club level that goes across from the hotel site. on the top of that fifth level is the rooftop amenity site, and that will also be the access point for fire training off washington. so that will be to the fifth level. an extraordinary opportunity to nearly get to high-rise level on a fire station for training purposes. we're kind of excited about that. >> yes, as are we. now, what you say the club level, what is that? >> so related california has a relationship within a club known as equinox, if your familiar with that fitness club, and are in the process of rolling out a new hotel brand also by
4:59 am
the name of equinox. so it is within the control of related california. we've got a real package of a development project here as a result of accepting this proposal. so it's an equinox fitness club and an equinox hotel that would be part of this mixed-use development. >> yes, but what happens on the club level? >> standard amenities that you would find in any fitness club. everything from yoga to weight rooms to -- >> so it is not an outdoor space. it is an indoor space? >> it is an indoor space -- are you talking just about the rooftop access? >> yes. >> that is just an amenity. i suspect hotel members may have access to it. they could do special events out there. not an unusual amenity you would find in a development like this, particularly in downtown right now. >> well, i'm asking
5:00 am
because a lot of our fire houses have a club level only for firefighters. and we like to eat -- i'm not a firefighter, but i like to eat. and oftentimes it is upstairs. i mean, it's on the roof of the firehouse. so what members of the department be precluded from being up there? >> well, at this point we have carved out an area sufficient, consistent with the discussions we've had with fire command staff, that would be available for fire for training purposes. i assume we can look at options relative more consistent access. >> i'm just saying that there -- >> it is an urban area. it is very difficult to find outdoor space. i can certainly understand that si